Need Help with Installing Your New Air-Conditioning Unit? Call Our Heating and Air Installation Technicians!

If you want to replace your old air-conditioning units but there’s still so much work left to do before the installation task can even begin, it’s time to hire our AC installation contractors. Triple AAA Heating and Air is the right company to call if you need assistance with this type of project. We’re based in Modesto, CA and we work with customers who want new AC units in several rooms in their homes. Schedule an appointment with our heating and air installation experts today!

Air Conditioning Installation

The proper installation of modern air-conditioning units can be difficult to master, which is why working with our AC installation contractors is beneficial. These specialists will take care of the entire installation process and make sure that the new air conditioners are installed in the right place in your house. They’ll also use the right tools for the installation and make sure that the new units are mounted securely so they won’t break loose and cause damage to your walls and furniture. With the help of our experts, you’re assured that your new air-conditioning units will be properly installed and that you’ll enjoy great value for money.

How We Install AC Units

We use tried-and-tested methods that we ourselves developed so that the process is as efficient and effective as possible. Our team will start by preparing the area where the new unit will be installed. We always follow the building codes so that the stability of the structure won’t be put at risk. We’ll then proceed with the installation task, making sure that the new air-conditioning units are aligned correctly so that they won’t be sticking out or sticking to the floor. We’ll then install the protective covers and connect the electrical components properly. Once that’s complete, we’ll let the unit run on its own to see if it’s properly installed and functioning properly.

If you’re in need of professional heating and air installation service, you won’t go wrong with trusting Triple AAA Heating and Air for the job. We provide cost-effective solutions to our clients in Modesto, CA, and we’re always ready to provide our assistance to our friends and neighbors. Call us now at (209) 681-7000!