Understanding HVAC Components Before Booking a HVAC Maintenance Service

Quality Ventilation Is Best a Series of Water Hoses and Tubes

Air conditioning or heating your home is an essential part of your daily life. Many people find it difficult to live without a HVAC system. These systems are usually controlled by a central unit, which you can access through a wall or floor vent. HVACs use a mixture of liquids and gases to transfer heat and cold, respectively. Understanding the components if this system before booking a HVAC maintenance service can help you maintain your home’s temperature.

A Series of Water Hoses and Tubes

A HVAC system moves air by combining air and water. A water hose connects the indoor unit to the outdoor unit; this transfers heat between the two components. The gas part of the system consists of several tubes where the gas flows. The tubes are connected to the engine where the gas is converted into direct power via an electric generator. This creates electricity to operate the fans and other parts of the system.

Fans and Air Filters

HVAC systems usually have air filters and fans. These components inside the units circulate air throughout your home while filters remove dust and other impurities from the air. Filtration removes any odors or smells that may bother your neighbors or disturb your pets.

Electronic Sensors Which Regulates Temperature

Every HVAC system has electronic sensors that keep your home’s temperature between 36 and 40 degrees. Your indoor unit sends a signal to your outdoor unit when it detects too much or too little heat or cold in your environment. This signal then directs how much gas is sent to the fans in your unit’s tubes.

Systems like these help you stay comfortable in both indoors and outside environments alike by keeping both comfortable temperatures at ideal levels in both spaces simultaneously. If you’re interested to have an HVAC maintenance booked in Modesto, CA, you can always count on Triple AAA Heating and Air for quality HVAC repairs, maintenance, and installations. Call us at (209) 681-7000 today!

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